Jessica Brody Called Ciarran Stott A Clown & Today’s Bachie Tea Only Got Hotter From There

Jessica Brody, who hails from Matt Agnew‘s season of The Bachelor, has seemingly been pretty busy lately, calling Ciarran Stott a clown, sending flowers to the now-single Elly Miles, and even exploring Bondi with Joe Woodbury.

The first bit of iconic Brody tea comes from her Instagram story, in which she was simply wishing Helena Sauzier a Happy Birthday.

Sauzier, of course, is from Matt Agnew’s season as well as Bachelor In Paradise, so it’s understandable that she would have a friendship with Brody, who featured on both seasons as well.

The pic used in the story, however, was one including the cast of BIP, but with a clown emoji over the face of Ciarran Stott. Now it’s no mystery that Bachelor cast members feel a certain type of way about Stott, with a few previous contestants pointing out his behaviour.

Next up in the brand new Brody tea is the fact that she sent Elly Miles, who is now recently-single, some lovely peonies.

Not exactly the most scalding of tea, but it’s pretty sweet to see contestants supporting each other. Miles, as we know, shared a video to Instagram addressing the status of her and Frazer Neate, and announced that they were officially no longer together, (truly nobody is surprised there.)

“You are too much Jessica Brody. I love them, peonies are my favourite,” Miles wrote.

Lastly, Daily Mail has papped some pics of Brody and The Bachelorette runner-up Joe Woodbury strolling about Bondi on what looks to be a “date” of sorts. Naturally, these are just salacious rumours, and the two are most likely just good friends enjoying some time out.

Whether the two are dating in any capacity or not, it’s still quite lovely to see them interact, as that implies a very natural off-screen kind of relationship, away from the string-pulling of producers.

According to DM, they were looking for a place to eat that “didn’t require a booking,” and c’mon guys, it’s Bondi. Walk-ins absolutely do not exist there.

Truly this has been the most drama-fueled post-Bachelor we’ve seen, which is wild considering the state of the most recent season.