Frazer and Joe From Bachelorette Caught Up Without Elly, So What Does It All Bloody Mean?

Just like how final two Sophie and Brittany from Honey Badger’s season of Bach became besties after the season wrapped, it looks like Frazer and Joe from this season of Bachelorette are doing the same.

So Dramatic! posted a screenshot today from Joe’s Instagram, that shows that Frazer landed in Newcastle to catch up with him over lunch. However, Elly is noticeably absent from the story screenshot, but it isn’t being labelled as suspicious.

This comes after rumours circulated that Frazer and Elly had in fact already broken up. So, if those allegations are true, the bromance could be their way of lamenting over ex-Elly.

A source told host of So Dramatic! Megan Pustetto that Frazer told the boys on his footy team that he and Elly had broken up. A different source also told her that he was hitting the town claiming to be single.

“Turns out he wasn’t just hitting the town claiming to be single, he actually told everyone that him and Elly had broken up,” the source said.

There were also allegations that Frazer had slept with other girls after Bach filming wrapped. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there is a long period of time between filming and when the public find out who the winner is. If Elly and Frazer had an agreement post-filming, then *technically* Frazer wasn’t cheating.

But Elly has consistently reassured the public that they are still together, including an IGTV post that confirmed she was moving to Queensland to be with Frazer.

She also told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she would make the big move next year. So it seems like, despite the rumours, the two are pretty boo’d up.

“It’s good, because when you think about moving to be with someone, it kind of seems like a big, crazy step, but I’m not tied down anywhere. I can work anywhere and I’ve got friends up in Queensland too, so I guess I’m going to be forging my own life as well, it’s not like I’m making him my life. Does that make sense?” Elly said.

Only time will tell if these rumours are true, but either way it’s nice that Frazer and Joe are still good mates.