Jersey Shore Themed Holidays Tailored To Australian Fans

One day, long after the spray tans have well and truly faded and all we’re left with are streaky, deflated implants that look like Nandos rejects, we’ll look back at the cultural phenomenon that is (and has been) the televisual train wreck of Jersey Shore, its compatriots in conspicuous hedonism (there are at least eight), and our soon-to-be realised Australian contribution to what I think we can safely say is a defining ‘moment’ in pop cultural history.

But as of right now the party shows no sign of stopping, with a new Contiki-style touring company, Turnpike Tours, offering Australian fans of GTLing the chance to party, get sinfully hungover and do it all again like a certified guido/ette at the place where it all began, the Jersey Shore. Fo reals. But before you sign up, you’re probably going to need to (literally) brush up on how to look your Jersey best with adorably awkward skinny white dude, Michael Cera:

With twelve spots per tour (three more than the original cast), seven groups of Australians aged 21-35 will be able to head to New Jersey and share a summer house (and probably other things that you can’t get a deposit back from) for two weeks of unforgettable (read: easily forgotten the morning after) authentic Jersey fun guided – that’s guided, not gwee-ded – by real life Jersey boys and girls.

I think it’s safe to say this cultural moment we’re in is no longer a Jersey thing: