Unleash Your Inner ‘Jersey Shore’ In A Real Life Situation


Reality TV and real life so rarely overlap (ironically) but MTV are ingeniously combining those two entities at long last!

The Lighten Up Challenge is a sort of ‘back to school’ event for university students, whereby you and a partner-in-crime are invited to compete in MTV themed challenges along the lines of Jersey Shore fake tanning contests, Nappy Dash challenge, music trivia and a hot tub foam fumble. And in case the fun factor isn’t incentive enough, you’ll be playing for some amazing prizes including Windows 7 PC’s, Nokia phones with Windows, music festival tickets and travel vouchers. It’s like a love-cuzzi!

MTV and Windows 7 invite you to take part in the Lighten Up Challenge at UNSW (Sydney) on March 5 and Monash Clayton campus (Melbourne) on March 8. If you are enrolled at university (it can be any university) and would be interested in making like Pauly D you can register at mtv.com.au/lightenup.

Hurry, because numbers for each event are limited to 50 teams of two and registration closes soon.