Iconic Show Jersey Shore Is Getting A Reboot Plus New Cast And It Can Politely Come At Me, Bro

Jersey Shore is getting a reboot and a whole new cast 13 years since it premiered and I, for one, can’t wait for all the leopard print.

MTV’s announced that Jersey Shore 2.0 is coming. Hold on to your hairspray.

“It’s been 13 years since the iconic cast of Jersey Shore fist-pumped their way into our lives and stole our hearts,” MTV said, as per Entertainment Weekly.

“Now, the time-honored tradition continues with a new group of roommates moving into their own Shore house.

“They may have traded their poofs for plumped pouts and UV rays for spray tans, but when things heat up in Jersey, the Shore is still the place to be to make memories all summer long.”

The new cast of the show hasn’t been announced yet but I have a feeling they’ll be just as iconic as the OGs.

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I better get a cameo from queen of the beehive and flare nails Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) though. Mawma indeed!

Snooki, as well as Pauly DMike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magrow, JWoww (Jenni Farley), Vinny GuadagninoDeena Nicole Cortese and Angelina Pivarnick all returned in 2018 for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

The show’s had five seasons so far and MTV also announced a season six.

“The world is finally open again and the squad is free to roam – from El Paso for an old-fashioned roommates-only trip to San Diego for a full-on family vacation,” said a release.

“But buckle up, because where this group goes, drama follows. Marriages [inch] past the point of no return, and it’s time to settle some old scores that will have the whole family at odds.”

That sounds truly incredible.

The OG Jersey Shore aired from 2009 to 2012 and thus fundamentally changed the molecular chemistry of everyone born in the 1990s.

Look, who can forget when the cast starred in a music video for Enrique Iglesias’ ‘I Like It’?

Simpler times. Better times.

Jersey Shore 2.0 doesn’t have a release date yet, but if you want to binge watch the original seasons you can do so at your leisure on Paramount+.

Lock away your bottles of orange spray tan before you turn it on though. For everyone’s safety.