The Daily Mail Paid A Lip Reader To Analyse J-Lo & Ben Affleck’s Pissy Convo At The Grammys

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck having a heated whispered conversation and then composing themselves and smiling for the cameras at the grammys

The tea behind Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck‘s completely rancid vibes at the Grammys has apparently been revealed because the Daily Mail, bless their lack of impulse control, paid a lip reader to decipher what the two were saying. Unhinged antics, truly.

By now you’ve probably seen the 11,000 memes to have spawned from Affleck’s miserable expression during the Grammys, which the camera people were clearly hell bent on showing us.

Clips and pictures from multiple angles have appeared online of Affleck looking like he’s going through the five stages of grief. That man looks so miserable whenever he’s in public, I honestly have never related to anything so much.

It’s like resting bitch face but if you had just found out your dog died.

One video appears to show Jennifer Lopez snapping at Affleck after he whispers to her. The way she visibly flinches after is driving me insane, I NEED to know what he said.

While we have no info on the whisper, here’s what the lip reader reckons J-Lo said after.

“Stop,” she apparently tells Affleck after the whisper.

“Look more friendly. Look motivated.”


Affleck then apparently responds “I might”, before the two realise they are being watched and promptly shit themselves/try to look composed.

Honestly I buy the first half, but not the second.

“I might” just doesn’t seem like something someone would say in that scenario.

In fact, the whole conversation seems a little stilted. Asking your husband to look “friendly” at the Grammys makes sense, but motivated? I don’t know about that.

But then again, who am I to dictate what is normal or not for Ben Affleck.

Anyway, what I really need is for someone to lip read THIS TikTok of Affleck clearly having a bitch about something else at a Shotgun Wedding party instead:

#BenAffleck & #JenniferLopez at the #ShotgunWedding party! #ShotgunWeddingMovie #MoviePremiere #Hollywood #JLo #JoshDuhamel #BTS

♬ original sound – CelebriTea

Once we have the lore behind this video, then I can rest.