Jason Sudeikis Seems To Be Shacking Up With A New Lady If This Fireplace Is Anything To Go By

Jason Sudeikis

Our hero Jason Sudeikis, newly-minted Golden Globe winner and noted hoodie aficionado, is apparently bouncing back from being maybe-dumped for Harry Styles (ouch) by taking up with a new lady. YES JASON. Live your life!

The 45-year-old certified daddy (he has two kids with ex Olivia Wilde, Otis and Daisy) is in the UK at the moment shooting season 2 of his award-winning show Ted Lasso, and the reputable folks over at the Daily Mail reckon that he’s not just there for business, if you get my not-so-subtle drift.

In fact, the outlet reports that several eagle-eyed fans noticed that the fireplace in the back of his Golden Globes via Zoom appearance is the EXACT SAME ONE that featured in the Instagram Stories of none other than Keeley Hazell, a former model-turned-actress who has been the subject of Jason Sudeikis dating rumours for a few weeks now.

Behold, Jason’s dishevelled appearance at the Golden Globes:

Jason Sudeikis

Aaaand Keeley’s IG story, via the Daily Mail:

Jason Sudeikis

GASP! That’s the same bloody fireplace, I’d bet my life savings ($65.60) on it.

Bit of background: Keeley appeared in Ted Lasso and has apparently been friends with Jason Sudeikis for awhile, with a source telling E! Online back in late Feb that Jason is “enjoying spending time with her, but it’s casual for now.”

The source added: “They have known each other for a while and have always been friendly. It’s been nice for him while he’s in London to have someone to spend time with. He’s not looking for anything serious.”

But now, thanks to that fireplace shot, the Daily Mail reckons the pair have shacked the hell up together. That might be drawing a long bow, but either way we’re happy for Jase. Even if do we wish it was our fireplace he was looking dishevelled in front of. Sniff.