Jason Sudeikis Wore A Fkn Hoodie To The Golden Globes, So Clearly He’s Taking The Breakup Fine

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis has been in the news lately, unfortunately more so for his breakup with Olivia Wildewho is now dating Harry Styles — than for his great performance in Ted Lasso, which just earned him a Golden Globe.

And for his first official “public appearance” (is is counted as public if he’s sitting at his house watching via Zoom?) since the breakup, Jason has put on a truly stunning turn in a very fetching tie-dye hoodie. I mean, it makes more sense to me that for a virtual event you would wear your comfies rather than a three-piece suit, but it’s Hollywood so it’s still an unusual flex from Jason.

A hoodie-clad Jason won the Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy gong for his work on the Apple TV+ series, in which he plays a US college football coach who goes to the UK to manage a soccer team.

I found the exact hoodie HERE by the way. It’s sold out, but surely they will bring it back after its starring Golden Globes moment?

Anyway, a few people over on Twitter clocked that he was maybe having the best time out of any of the virtual guests.



Someone pointed out that maybe he’s just tired? Apparently Jason Sudeikis is in the UK shooting Ted Lasso S2, so that does check out.

Some people read into his speech a little too much. Who is the high one here, eh?

Also, important to note that Jason Sudeikis wasn’t alone here. Bill Murray was also your granddad in Hawaii tonight.

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