My Boyfriend Harry Styles Is Reportedly Getting ‘Very Serious’ With Olivia Wilde

olivia wilde harry styles

Things are reportedly getting “very serious” between my boyfriend Harry Styles and his new girlfriend Olivia Wilde, according to a source close to the couple.

Earlier this week, we learned that Olivia Wilde (who has two kids with Jason Sudeikis) is dating the man of all of our dreams. But now it appears the relationship is even more serious than first thought with Styles meeting her kids.

The new couple were photographed at Harry’s manager Jeff Azoff’s wedding over the weekend, and have reportedly been inseparable ever since.

Although we only found out about Hollywood’s latest power couple this week, their relationship was apparently no secret to their Don’t Worry Darling costars.

“Harry and Olivia’s relationship was an open secret on the set in Palm Springs,” a source claimed, according to The Sun.

The source also added that Harry reportedly met her kids while on set for the film.

“They were professional on set, but everyone knew something was going on. Harry even met her two children several times when they came to the set to visit.”

The relationship comes just two months after it was announced that Wilde and Sudeikis ended their engagement after seven years together. However, it’s worth noting that the split reportedly happened in early 2020, according to PEOPLE.

But now it appears Olivia has happily moved on with Styles, who is an absolute catch in every sense of the word.

“Olivia couldn’t look happier. Everyone is pleased for her – he’s a great guy,” an anonymous source told The Sun.

According to a second anonymous source, the couple were basically living together during filming, which makes me think that the relationship has been thrust into warp speed thanks to lockdown.

Honestly, I ship this relationship way harder than I thought I would. And hey, even if it doesn’t last, at least it’s good promo for their new film.