Some People Apparently Think Jason Momoa Is No Longer Hot & Nope, Sorry, I’m Not Having It

jason momoa is so hot

Alright, let’s get one thing straight: Jason Momoa is undeniably hot. The man who played Khal Drogo has the kind of irrepressible sexual charisma that would be perceivable through the walls of a bank vault. The man is HHHHOT.

So why – WHY – are there dum-dum dickheads sounding off about his shirtless appearance being less than satisfactory?

A picture of Momoa with his shirt off while on vacation in Venice with his (also smoking hot) wife Lisa Bonet recently attracted less-than-complimentary attention which… simply blows my mind. Look at this man. LOOK AT HIM.

And look at what people have been SAYING:


I have many, many thoughts about what’s going on here and I will try to parse them out as best I can.

1. Jason Momoa is still fucking ripped as hell. 

Look at that body! The man is STRONG and FIT and (I will say it again) HOT. It is the year of our lord 2019 and people still can’t tell the difference between being movie-ripped – like, have to diet and exercise and reduce water intake like crazy in order to have visible superhero abs – and regular life ripped? People, come on!!

2. A dad bod is not a bad bod. 

This seems almost irrelevant because by no stretch of the imagination is Momoa sporting a dad bod here, BUT – men’s bodies are good bodies regardless of what shape! No-one should feel bad about losing their six pack in favour of some hard-earned relaxation and BBQ time! Also the dad bod became a phenomenon because many women find it sexy! Once again: COME ON.

3. Sexiness is not irretrievably tied to the body. 

Please see my earlier point: Jason Momoa is one of those people whose carnal charisma could knock you out at 20 paces. It’s not (just) about what he looks like; it’s about his overall energy of It’s Time For Sex Now. That shit doesn’t change, regardless of what the scale says.

Basically: sexiness on this scale cannot be touched by body-shaming. All bodies are good bodies, especially Jason Momoa’s.