A Sneaky Mark Ruffalo In Disguise Scored A Pic W/ Jason Momoa At NY Comic-Con

Mark Ruffalo, man of many Marvel spoils, was at New York Comic-Con over the weekend doing what he does best – being an utter legendExcept this time, Ruffalo was donning a ‘stume because if there’s one place you can walk around freely in a costume, it’s 100 per cent Comic-Con.

Ruffalo, dressed up as Grunkle Stan from Disney‘s Gravity Falls, posted a video of himself taking a couple of pictures with Aquaman actor and giant human sunshine Jason Momoa at one of his many meet ‘n greets.

The post was captioned: “Incognito at #NYCC. Grunkle Stan had some fun today. A big thanks to the fans, @javitscenter, and Comic-Con! #gravityfalls


(Just imagine walking by Mark Ruffalo without realising its Mark goddamn Ruffalo.)

When DC and Marvel collide.

Momoa also posted the video to his Instagram along with a very happy picture.

Swipe, swipe, swipe!

Meanwhile, Ruffalo found himself in a spot of trouble when he may or may not have (he definitely didn’t this time) spoil the title and ending of Avengers 4. 

Back when the Hulk actor was promoting Avengers: Infinity War, he accidentally – because he was just really excited about the film – spoiled the entire ending of Infinity WarDon Cheadle, who plays War Machine in the film, full-on freaked out and it was just a hot mess and Ruffalo copped it big time.

Safe to say, Ruffalo and Tom Holland don’t do press together.

So then a couple of days ago, the 50-year-old hopped on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about that unfortunate event and how Cheadle “will no longer do press with me”. 

“I’ve sort of been put under surveillance by Marvel. They’ve got a lot of reach in the world and I’ve learnt my lesson,” he told Fallon.

Ruffalo then proceeded to ‘spoil’ the Avengers 4 title and ending.

(It’s definitely a skit but still so entertaining nonetheless.)

Of course, this happened afterwards:

Followed by:


And lastly:


Avengers: Bleep, bleep, bleep will hit cinemas in April 2019. 

In other news, New York Comic Con unleashed an extended trailer for Aquaman. 

December 21, folks.