Jason Momoa Just Completely Shaved Off His Beard For A Solid Cause

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa has shaved his beard off – it’s completely gone, deceased, donezo – and after acting gigs as the magnificently bearded Khal Drogo and Arthur Curry/Aquaman, you can bet a whole heap of people immediately jumped on the socials to find out why. Well, the top bloke has used the opportunity to raise awareness for aluminium recycling, “infinitely recyclable.” 

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In a video on his YouTube channel and across his social media, the Game of Thrones star gets right into the shaving. He even takes a moment to say goodbye to his iconic characters.

“2012 was the last time I shaved,” he says. “Goodbye Drogo! Goodbye Arthur Curry! Goodbye Declan … I just want to do this to bring awareness that plastic is killing our planet.” 

But Momoa believes he has a solution: aluminium recycling.

“About 75 per cent of all aluminium ever used is still in circulation today and it’s 100 per cent recyclable so you drink the can and about in 60 days, it’ll be back. 100 per cent,”  Momoa says mid-shaving.

To combat plastic pollution, especially plastic bottles, Momoa is encouraging his fans to purchase canned water.

“It’s just water but I feel good about it,” he says after taking a swig out of a can. “I’m going to recycle this and this thing can be a [new] can in 60 days.” 

“So please, please, there’s a change coming, it’s aluminium, you better get rid of these plastic water bottles. Aquaman’s just trying to do the best he can for my kids, for your kids, for the world.”