No One Commits Like This Zoo Employee Dressed As A Lion For An Escaped Animal Drill

The world is a bleak place, filled with bad news and annoying people who are the worst. So when a wholesome, amusing video crosses our internet paths here at P.TV, we must – must – write about it to brighten up your feeds. Like this video of a Japanese zoo running an escaped lion drill… featuring a man in an animal suit.

[jwplayer QunZUtZ4]

Tobe Zoo in Aichi conducted the lion drill, which was filmed by Mainichi News Group. The video quickly went viral online because it is quite literally the most unhinged thing you’ll ever see.

As this Twitter post says, the best part has to be when the camera pans to the actual lions, who are watching on in disdain, I like to think.

“Susan cop a load of this shit”

To be fair, the zoo conducts these drills often to train staff in the event an earthquake occurs, and animals manage to escape. I’m pretty damn happy they are prepping for rogue lions wandering the streets – I just really enjoy that they’ve committed to the lion drill process c/o an animal suit.