Looks Like Jake Has Already Split From His New Boo And It Involves Even More Drama Than MAFS

Jake Edwards

Just when we thought we were in the clear when it comes to drama surrounding MAFS’ Jake Edwards, the ex-footy player is now copping more heat after his split with Sophie Guidolin.

This years MAFS was a train wreck from start to finish, particularly for couple Jake and Beck Zemek who seemed to always be fighting with each other AND other contestants *cough* Bryce *cough*. Not only did the couple want to rip each other’s heads off on screen, but there was plenty of drama off screen too.

Beck reportedly had a secret fling with her brother…jks an old flame that she tried to pretend was her brother. While Jake had a secret girlfriend of his own, according to So Dramatic! 

But the plot thickens because it looks like Jake and Sophie are donezo, with Sophie confirming the news in the comment section underneath one of her IG posts.

In screenshots obtained by So Dramatic! Sophie tells a fan that the pair are no longer together as his “values & character” do not align with her own.

Of course, there are always two sides to every story and a friend close to Jake has jumped to his defence claiming that the MAFS groom is actually a good bloke.

“Sophie is not comfortable with Jake and I being friends and being in contact.,”  Mel Grieg said.

“Sophie felt uncomfortable with our friendship and felt that Jake was crossing boundaries and being disrespectful by being my friend and that played a big part in the break up.”

However, shortly after making those comments Mel said she’d spoken to Sophie and learned that there was a “bigger issue at play.”

“Sophie has made me aware of other issues which are concerning and I’m just trying to hear both sides of the story first, but out of fairness for Sophie it’s important for me to be transparent where I can be,” Mel said.

Wow, so much tea my cup is overflowing.