Apparently There Are Two More MAFS Cheating Scandals Coming & Shit Hits The Fan At The Reunion

It looks like there will be three cheating scandals this season on MAFS, and unlike the Coco and Cam one, these other ones don’t seem manufactured.

The scandals both take place outside the show, but all come out at the reunion and OOFT they are spicy. There’s a heap of spoilers incoming, so kindly jog on if you don’t want to find out.

The first scandal is between MAFSJake Edwards and Booka Nile, as revealed by the So Dramatic! podcast. Basically the two share a cheeky NYE kiss at a party. Even though the kiss was apparently just innocent, Beck saw a video of it and of course, wasn’t very happy.

“At midnight Jake and Booka shared a sloppy, drunken kiss,” So Dramatic! revealed.

“Jake also kissed Beth that night, and then Booka and Beth kissed…It was a friendly kiss but apparently they locked lips for a few seconds more than everyone did,” a source told the local pod.

This all happened after filming, meaning that Beck and Jake go all the way, and that has also been confirmed by other sources. So what about Brett and Booka? Well sadly, the moustache-clad electrician and hot metal-chick don’t make it until the end. Rumour has it that Brett made some sexist comments and Booka was not happy.

The second cheating scandal is with Beck Zemek and her ex-boyfriend. According to So Dramatic!, producers allowed Beck to go back home for a period of time to look after her sick dog. However, while on that trip it is alleged that she hooked up with her ex. AND get this, it was accidentally recorded on camera.

While away, Beck and Jake were made to stay in contact through video diaries. But a friend of one of the contestants explained to So Dramatic! that “during one of the videos, Beck thinks she’s turned it off [her camera] but accidentally films herself going over to a sofa and making out with someone who is not Jake.” Yikes.

Of course, the footage gets shown at the MAFS reunion and all hell breaks loose. The kiss between Jake and Booka is also discussed, AND god, I need to see the reunion ASAP.