Shhhh: We Know Which MAFS Couples Stay Together At The Final Vows If You Want A Cheeky Spoiler

The MAFS final vow outcomes have been leaked and while I’m not surprised at the result, I was semi-shocked that two contestants changed their minds after hearing their partner’s vows.

If you don’t want any spoilers kindly jog on. But if you can’t be bothered waiting for actual episodes to air (like me) then read on, sister.

Of course, this final vow tea comes from local pod So Dramatic! 

So who stays together? Unsurprisingly Belinda Vickers and Patrick Dwyer stay together, as well as this season’s strongest couple Johnny Balbuziente and Kerry Knight.

Unfortunately, Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson do choose to stay together, even after that cluster-fuck of a girls night on Wednesday. ICYMI: Samantha Harvey returned to MAFS for a girls night and revealed that one of Bryce’s best mates (Jason Roses) told her that the Z-grade celebrity did, in fact, have a secret girlfriend who he was messaging while on the show. The news left Melissa in tears. But they must sort it out in the next episode, if they eventually commit to each other in the final vows.

Another surprise is that Jake Edwards and Beck Zemek choose to stay together, even though Beck clearly doesn’t want a piece of him. But thanks to So Dramatic! We now know that the pair eventually split because both Beck and Jake shared kisses with other people (e.g. fellow MAFS contestant Booka Nile).

Now, here’s the real piping hot tea. MAFS couples Alana Lister and Jason Engler, as well as Georgia Fairweather and Liam Cooper change their minds during the final vows. According to So Dramatic! Alana originally says leave, but then changes her mind after Jason’s vows.

God only knows how Jason managed to keep Alana around after his less than impressive behaviour on the show. However, rumour has it that the horny pair are no longer together, and Jason is now dating MAFS star Tamara Joy. So Dramatic! also revealed that he did it over text. Ouch. I think Alana really dodged a bullet TBH, particularly after his disgusting rant about fellow contestant Liam.

The opposite happens for Georgia and Liam, who initially both write stay. But after Georgia reads out “aggressive” vows, Liam changes his mind and says leave.

I need to sit down, this is too much drama for me.