It’s 2017 And Rebel Wilson Is Sucking Face W/ Liam Hemsworth For A New Film

Images from the set of upcoming meta-rom-com Isn’t It Romantic have burst online, showing none other than Aussie guns Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth macking on like two Year 9s behind the toilets at a Blue Light Disco.

The shots capture the pair taking to a green screen on the streets of New York City, where they’ve been filming for a hot minute. Hemsworth, decked out in a slick suit, embraces Wilson, herself in a beaut floor-length gown.

It’s art, pure and simple.

Those aren’t the first shots she’s posted from the shoot, but they are definitely the sauciest. Previous images show the pair palling around on set, and generally being a couple of Aussie darlings.

Of course, their hangs have a set purpose. Isn’t It Romantic follows Wilsons character as she somehow finds herself trapped within the tropes of a romantic comedy; Hemsworth plays one of her love interests, with her Pitch Perfect co-star Adam Devine playing the other.

Priyanka Chopra and GLOW‘s A+ Betty Gilpin also features in the flick, which is penned by the team behind recent the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler vehicle Sisters. In other words, this sounds like a winning formula for the modern, bawdy rom-com genre, and you’ll be able to catch those two suck face when Isn’t It Romantic drops in 2019.