Stop Whatever You’re Doing, Cuz The ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer Is Here

Stop whatever the hell you’re doing and turn your undivided attention here, folks, because the first official trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 has arrived, and it’s a bloody ripper. The film, which is released in Australia on January 4, 2018, sees a down-on-their luck Barden Bellas reassemble for what seems to be one last hurrah, and oh boy, are we excited. 
The trailer features all of the old crew, including John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks snarky a capella commentators, as well as a villainous Ruby Rose and absolutely all of the Fat Amy that you can handle. Anna KendrickRebel WilsonBrittany SnowAnna CampHailee SteinfeldHana Mae LeeEster DeanAlexis KnappJohn Lithgow and a whole heap of others all feature in the film.
See you later, folks, I’ll be watching this on repeat for the rest of the day.

Source: YouTube.
Photo: YouTube.