It Took Anthony About 0 Seconds To Go Back On His Vows To Nadia On ‘MAFS’

I try to think of reality TV as like professional wrestling: it’s almost entirely fake, but the real joy in it comes from pretending that everything you see is real.

Like other shows of its ilk, ‘Married At First Sight‘ is very selectively shot and edited to give a distorted and more dramatic version of real events – we’re all adults, we all know this – but it’s really, really hard not to kinda hate Anthony.
Maybe in real life he’s a lovely, warm person. I’m not willing to rule that out. On the show, though, he comes across as a complete shit. He seems arrogant, rude, and (worst of all) has the sense of humour of a real estate agent or serial killer. He’s been a huge dick to other people on the show and never seems to understand what he’s done wrong.
And yet – AND YET – Nadia still chose to stick it out with him in last night’s commitment ceremony. Even more baffling than that, Anthony managed to whip out a surprisingly thoughtful, surprising romantic commitment to Nadia.
Surprised? Don’t stress about it too much, he pretty much immediately went back on it on tonight’s episode.
After Nadia returned home to find that her lease was expiring and she had an opportunity to move to Sydney to be with Anthony, Anthony found that he actually wasn’t all that sure about whether or not he was ready to share a life.
Don’t worry, it gets worse! Asked by one of his mates where they were between “nought” and “smitten in love”, Anthony told they were definitely not in love. How bloody romantic.
You can watch the full ep here, if you’d like to do that to yourself.
Source and photo: Channel 9.