We’ve never signed up for a dating-oriented reality TV show, but we imagine there are really only two kinds of people who’d volunteer for the bizarre emotional gauntlet that is Married At First Sight:

  1. Those who’ve turned to Channel 9’s mutant program after being knocked back from The Bachelorette, My Kitchen Rules and The Block;
  2. Gentle souls who believe the so-called relationship experts under 9’s employ can use their dark arts / educated guesswork to find a suitable partner. 

Sean and Susan fall squarely into that second camp – and tonight’s episode showed that in the midst if the wildest emotional turmoil this damn show can muster, there’s still space for genuine – and responsible – affection.

Viewers have practically been concussed with the fact that, in the real world, these two live on different sides of the country. Sean is camped up in Maryborough, QLD, and she’s over in WA. 

That seems to be the only significant factor keeping these two from striking up a life together, and it remained the prominent issue at the couple’s latest (ugh) Commitment Ceremony.

Yet, amid all the hysteria this show has coughed up, the duo managed to reconcile their obvious mutual attraction and their physical distance, with a grace and maturity that seems weirdly alien to such a turbo-charged television genre. 


Their decision to stay within the confines of the show’s “experiment” doesn’t seem motivated by fame, or even by a simple desire to “stick it out,” but rather due to their recognition that this may be the only real chance they have to stay as a “couple.”

Hearing ’em say that they’ve already decided to stay friends, regardless of the outcome, is anathema to the double-or-nothing approach espoused by Aussie reality TV. And, good God, it might just be the most authentic partnership this genre has managed to cough up in recent memory.

You could see the “experts” breathe a literal sigh of relief and Sean and Susan chose to stay on deck, suggesting they know what they’ve got, too. 

Still, if / when our naive little hearts are broken by the inevitable triumph of distance over ~love~, at least one other suitor may be willing to pick up the slack:


Hell yeah, indeed.

Source and photo: Married At First Sight / Channel 9 / Facebook.