An Aussie Influencer’s Been Accused Of Trying To Score A Free Meal From A Qld Restaurant

Another influencer has been accused of trying to influence her way into a free meal.

Health and beauty influencer Jasmine Jatece Rollason (who boasts 36K followers on Insta) has come under fire after screenshots of texts she allegedly sent to a Noosa restaurant leaked online. 

In the texts, Rollason allegedly offered to “help out” the business by “sharing” and “reviewing” her experience at the restaurant.  To be fair, while she doesn’t straight out ask them for a free meal, it’s certainly implied.

Babes, do those sponsored posts not give you enough coins to buy an acai bowl on your own?

The texts were shared by John Lethlean — a food writer for The Australian. He has a habit of exposing influencers asking for free shit.

Lethlean shared the alleged text messages using the hashtag #couscousforcomment — an online movement which began in 2016 by the owner of a Sydney restaurant after an influencer offered them a glowing review in exchange for a free meal as per The Guardian.

According to Lethlean’s post, Rollason allegedly reached out to the restaurant in Noosa. She said she’d “love to have the privilege to help your business grow”.

“I have 35,000 followers that trust me and will value my opinions and posts on your restaurant,” the messages said.

“I love creating content for brands and I would be more than (sic) happy to supply your company images you can share on your channels that are aligned with your current feed aesthetic or values.”

Then at the bottom of the text, Rollason appeared to offer to act as a model for the restaurant too.

“I have lots of experience and I am more than happy to help out,” said the messages.

I can’t think of anything worse than someone snapping pics of me messily chowing down on a fried egg but I guess that’s why I’m not an influencer.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Jasmine Rollason for comment.

Some of the comments on Lethlean’s post roasted the spelling in the texts, particularly divine which was spelled “Devine”.  It’s kind of giving Avril Lavigne TBH.

It’s not the first time an influencer had been snapped (allegedly) trying to score free food.

A similar occurrence happened in February this year, when Elle Groves and her aspiring influencer friend Annie Knight, the owners of the @twoteaspoons account, messaged a restaurant for free food.

At the time their foodie Insta only boasted slightly more than 1.1K followers. Less than me on my personal where I mostly post pics of my boyfriend.

Groves messaged the undisclosed Aussie restaurant via Instagram asking to try out their food in exchange for posts on their personal and foodie accounts. Needless to say, they were fkn blasted online.

It seems some folks just never learn from the mistakes of others. My friends, maybe if you really wanted to be an influencer you’d influence some money out of your account.