All The ‘Infinity War’ Deaths Ranked By How Much They Hurt

To remind us all about the many deaths in Infinity War, Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn tweeted out the final words Groot said before he… deteriorated.

This sucked on multiple levels because a) Before he died, Groot turned to Rocket and said “Dad” and b) I FORGOT GROOT DIED BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE DIED.

Going in of course, everyone knew death was on the cards. The Russo Brothers had hinted at multiple deaths and confirmed others would be permanent. The thing is, everyone thought it’d be Captain America or IronMan dying in Part 1 and so prepared for it.

What we copped instead were a lotta gasps, screams, and aggressive crying as the ones we didn’t pick to die went poof so that Thanos could sit on a farm and watch the grass grow.

So look, if your memory’s a bit shit like mine or you were just completely overwhelmed by the amount of bloody disintegrations there were then gather ’round because we’re about to embark on an adventure that is ranking the Infinity War deaths by how much they seriously sucked.

14) Maria Hill & Nick Fury

I mean, it happened in the end-of-credit scene and was lowkey funny because Fury wasn’t able to get his last “motherfucker” out before crumbling into tiny pieces.


13) Falcon

Falcon AKA Sam Wilson… eh. He turns to dust just as James Rhodes AKA War Machine comes looking for him during the oh-look-everyone-is-dying scene.

Nope, sorry, didn’t care.

12) Bucky Barnes

Ah yes, the first disintegration. Though I love Sebastian Stan and Bucky was an evil hoot in the Captain America series, we didn’t see much of him in Infinity War so you know, meh.

11) Mantis & Drax

Absolutely love Mantis and Drax in their own special ways and for being a quirky pair in the film but I genuinely can’t remember when either of them croaked. It was probably when all the other Guardians died too.

Major vibes.

10) Vision

The love story between Vision and Scarlet Witch was cute at times but throughout the film, the only thing I could think of was, Oh just bloody kill him already”. There are plenty of fish in the sea, destroy the Mind Stone, destroy it now.

9) Heimdall

Yeah Heimdall wasn’t an Avenger and he mostly frowned a lot and judged you from afar but damn it, you loved him anyway. He was bloody loyal right to the end and he had to die within minutes of Loki’s departure. Like C’MON.


8) Scarlet Witch

During that shitstorm of a final battle, Wanda really upped the game and proved herself to be one of the most powerful Avengers out there. For that, I was reasonably sad she too fluttered away into the abyss.

7) Loki

Personally, this was my first “oh fucking hell” moment in the movie because Thanos breaks Loki’s neck in the first ten minutes – before you’re even ready for deaths. I hadn’t even settled into my bloody seat.

Of course, it also had to happen just as Loki showed that little bit of emotion for his brother Thor then BAM, bye Loki.


6) Dr. Strange

I am biased – I love Benedict Cumberbatch therefore his death is ranked slightly higher than it should be.

The Doc knew he was going to die but also knew it was the only way there might be a smidge of a chance of defeating Thanos.

Whatta man.

5) Star-Lord

Peter may have been a sandwich away from being overweight but that was honestly the only drama I thought the Guardians would have in Infinity War. Instead, Pete felt threatened by a wildly attractive Thor, Gamora’s father-figure is batshit crazy, Gamora dies, Drax dies, Mantis dies, Groot dies, Pete dies, and Rocket is left alone – the one thing he feared the most.

4) Black Panther

We all know his death will be reversed, he has a damn sequel ffs.

It still hurt though.

And if I remember correctly, T-Challa says to General Okoye as he helps her stand up in the woods, “This is no place to die -” then DIES.

Also, yes what happened to Shuri? 

3) Gamora

Her entire arc in the film was depressing as hell. To have your insane father-figure throw you off a cliff  so he can destroy the world- nah mate. Gamora really took me by surprise and I was unexpectedly emotional when she died.

2) Groot

I don’t want to talk about it.

1) Spider-Man

Yeah, look. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is like a little clingy puppy who just wants constant love and affection from everyone he meets. All he wanted was to make the world a better place and instead, he joined the other dust particles and disintegrated in Tony’s arms saying, “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark… I don’t want to go, please, I don’t want to go, Mr. Stark.” 


As to who survived?