‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Has Already Smashed The $1 Billion Box Office Mark

Who would have thought that smushing everyone’s favourite superheroes together in the one gargantuan, blockbuster film then threatening to kill ’em off would get the punters excited? Well, the good people at Marvel and Disney certainly did, and they weren’t too far wrong, as their latest flick, Avengers: Infinity War now has the distinction of being the fastest movie ever to cross the $1 billion mark globally.

Per reports in trade publication Deadline, the film hit the box office milestone in just 11 days of release, beating the previous record-holder, The Force Awakens, which hit the billion-dollar mark after 12 days. Avengers: Infinity War also took the record for biggest US opening weekend at $250 million,and it has yet to open in China, so when it does, its global box office will probably get a dramatic boost.

Earlier this year, Black Pantheranother Disney-Marvel production, made a billion dollars in four weeks, and Ant Man And The Wasp, while not as insanely hyped as either film, will probably make a pretty tidy profit when it opens in July. In short, it’s been a very good couple of months for the mouse, if you consider ‘earning an absolute shedload of money’ to be a measure of success, which we suspect they probably do.

The studios’ release schedule is pretty solidly packed for the next few years, with Captain Marvel set for March 2019 and a fourth Avengers to follow in May. Factor in sequels to Guardians Of The GalaxyBlack Panther, Spider-Man and (presumably, though nothing’s confirmed) Doctor Strange, and you’ve probably barely scratched the surface of what’s to come. I, for one, welcome our new Disney and Marvel overlords.