Total Sickos Are Turning An ‘Infinity War’ Death Into Bloody Cruel Memes

No really, if you’ve yet to see the biggest movie out at the moment – Avengers: Infinity War, please stop reading now.


Now that’s outta the way, when I say “death” I mean Spider-Man dying because holy crap that’s the only thing my cinema viewing reacted to for the entire end-of-credit scenes. I, usually cheerful at the sight of dumplings, lost me appetite as I tried to discuss my feelings toward the film.

And yes, we all knew a lot of Avengers were going to go poof in this film but we all prepared for it to be either IronMan or Captain America, not bloody Peter Parker. So yes, that inconsequential scene where IronMan holds him while he literally goes poof has become a bloody meme at the hands of a coupla sickos.

So in a strange albeit comedic way, fans are mourning the temporary loss of Peter while also unleashing the wrath on pop-culture characters through the decades.

If you’ve completely repressed the memory, I’m about to trigger ya hard.

*Read in Tom Holland’s voice*

“I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark… I don’t want to go, please, I don’t want to go, Mr. Stark.” 

Oh yeah, Loki died in the first ten minutes haHAhahaHAhahAh.

Moving on, apparently all our beloveds are dying now.

Let’s start off silly:

This one’s brilliant.

And now we’ll up the ante.


No and no.

This one’s just so savage.

Oh, and this is just a big fat NO.

Possibly the most insane thing about this all is non-viewers are copping one of the biggest spoilers of the film and they don’t even know it. Bloody hell.

Memes > #thanosdemandsyoursilence

In other news, it’s been 10 years since IronMan first came out and Marvel tweeted out some cute pictures.

Then people replied in the sweetest way.

And the next reply in this thread?


Ugh, anyway Infinity War is in cinemas now la di di dah people die, you’ll cry.

Also, if you need something to make ya smile this windy night.