In Which We Question The Sanity Of Oprah’s Studio Audience

If you have functioning ears and/or eyes you’ll be well aware of Oprah Winfrey’s impending visit to Australia. Or Auuuusssstttraaalliiyyaaaaa in manic Oprah parlance. She’s set to film a small part of the final season of her immensely popular daytime TV show at Australia’s most iconic building. According to most pundits they’re going to rename the Opera House the Oprah House because of course they’re going to rename the Opera House the Oprah House. They’re almost too phonetically similar and she’s pretty big after all. At least in terms of cultural institutions/icons that can positively impact on the tourism of an entire country.

For me though, the best part of watching Oprah unveil her lavish jaunt Down Under was the reaction by her mostly middle aged studio audience. It was both refreshing and terrifyingly visceral. Mainly because once you’re past a certain age, let’s say thirteen, you’re not really allowed to unashamedly “wild out” about totally awesome life windfalls anymore. At least not to the extent with which a thirteen year old girl might wild out about a Justin Bieber sighting. I don’t know, I’m not a thirteen year old girl. But man, Oprah’s studio audience! They’re all coming to our country in December Australian citizens. Should we be scared?

I’ve taken a few screenshots which depict varying degrees of insanity. The first batch is called Torture victim or member of Oprah Winfrey’s studio audience? Note: despite the obvious physical pain betrayed by their expressions, none of the below pictures are of actual torture victims.

From pain to pleasure. The audience members who most resemble a hyperactive toddler trying meth for the first time then receiving an Xbox 360 on Christmas morning, also the same day as their birthday.

This shit is bananas.

UPDATE: And now there’s this.