So Hugh Jackman, Australian thespian, patriot and iced tea enthusiast, injured himself yesterday afternoon after attempting to zip line from the Opera House sails to Oprah Winfrey’s feet during the taping of her second Sydney show. As can happen with harness related entrances, Jackman failed to brake in time and cut his right eye after hitting a lighting rig. He’s fine now but that fail of an entrance must elicit levels of embarrassment previously unknown to Australia’s most perfect human being. Oprah handled it remarkably well though and Jackman later joked about the accident so it’s all water under the Oprah bridge now. But you know who never forgets an incident as spectacular and ridiculous as a celebrity Oprah House flying fox disaster? The internet of course. And to ensure Jackman’s cavalier visage lives on in horrifying new contexts, the internet has promptly birthed Hugh Jackman Can Ride Anything! a meme which boasts infinite possibilities.

Check out the footage of Jackman’s accident below…

Via Jezebel

Title Image by Andreas Rentz via Getty