The Rumoured List Of I’m A Celeb Intruders Is Here & Yes, You Definitely Know Who TF They Are

The new season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! (I’m A Celeb) is in full bloody swing and ooh boi, the thrills have been at an absolute HIGH. Who knew they could pull it off in our own backyard?

Ten’s done a fab job at rounding up a stellar selection of stars to appear in the new season. Sadly they didn’t do as good a job at keeping it a secret, as the cast list leaked to TV Blackbox shortly before the season kicked off, but ah well, shit happens.

The leaked list was absolutely bang on, with all of the stars named having entered the jungle (read: Aussie outback) already, except for a coupla celebs who are yet to appear on I’m A Celeb, which makes me think they’re probs gonna be intruders.

Those stars include Gogglebox fan faves, Adam Densten and Symon Lovett who, according to the So Dramatic! podcast, will be entering the jungle this week.

The third star on the list who is nowhere to be found at present is Grant Denyer’s Dancing With The Stars co-host, Amanda Keller.

According to TV Blackbox, the telly hosts were told that if they didn’t go on I’m A Celeb they would lose their $$$ from Dancing With The Stars. Cast your minds back to earlier this year when Channel 10 announced the dancing competition series had been axed from 2021, despite being contracted for another season. It’s since been picked up by Channel 7.

Grant Denyer’s reared his sparkly mug already, so where the feck is Amanda?

My guess is that she’s an intruder who swings by later on in the season ‘cos she couldn’t be fucked going through the motions all season long. We’ll see!

I’m A Celeb continues tonight at 7:30pm on Ten.