We’ve Just Got Wind Of Some Alleged Bullying On I’m A Celeb & It’s Pretty Fucked If True

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

I’m A Celeb fans were stoked to learn that the show was copping two much-loved intruders: Gogglebox stars Adam Densten and Symon Lovett. But while viewers were thrilled to see the boys return to our screens, it turns out the other contestants were not, which led to some nasty behaviour on-set.

During the latest spice-filled ep of the So Dramatic! podcast, it is revealed that their entry into the camp was “not so well received” by the other folks already on the show.

A sneaky insider spoke to podcast host Megan Pustetto and revealed that “Adam and Symon went in super confident thinking  that they had it in the bag and would go far in the competition.”

The source went on to say that “they were not well received among the other cast members at all. Going in as an intruder so late was always going to be hard as the other contestants had already formed strong bonds, so they were considered outsiders.”

Apparently certain I’m A Celeb castmembers “plotted to squash them out. Essentially they iced them out and the boys didn’t get a chance to bond with anyone. They did not last long at all.”

I dunno about you, but this tea isn’t fun for me. I don’t like the fact that the boys, cocky or not, were essentially bullied by their co-stars. It’s not like they, oh I dunno, exhibited predatory behaviour towards other contestants like some people. They went in, did the job they had to do, then left.

The fact that they were “iced out” over pretty much nothing fucking sucks and shame on the other contestants, TBH. This isn’t Survivor where you form alliances and lie, cheat and steal to win. This is about the celebs leaning on each other during harsh jungle conditions, before being booted out for failing tasks, not for being the most-likeable. If that were the case, Ash and Dipper would’ve been gone ages ago. Icing them out was uncalled for and just plain cruel, if you ask me.

What’s more is that apparently they got paid a pittance compared to their co-stars. The insider adds that while their I’m A Celeb co-stars scored $50K, Adam and Symon only scored $1500 each, and then an additional $1500 per day that they lasted in the jungle.

The So Dramatic! host points out that they ultimately would’ve taken home about $9K each, which is far less than what everyone else scored. Big fucking yikes.

Look, the money thing is neither here nor there, but the idea of the boys entering the show and being “iced out” (I know I’ve already repeated that, but it’s just such negative phrasing, it gives me chills) is the absolute worst. I hate it.

Head here to listen to the full ep, featuring more I’m A Celeb intel.