Idris Elba To Replace Will Smith In The Eternally Cursed ‘Suicide Squad 2’

In what’s either a step up or a step down depending on one of about fifteen different ways you can read this, Idris Elba looks set to replace the departing Will Smith in the Suicide Squad sequel that’s happening whether any of you like it or not.

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Variety reports that Elba is Warner Bros. fella of choice to replace Smith, who exited the maligned DC Comics movie franchise late last month citing some very convenient “scheduling conflicts.”

Elba will fill Smith’s role of Deadshot in the upcoming sequel to the critically panned but financially successful ensemble flick, which is currently scheduled for an August 2021 release.

Not much is known about the associated cast of the sequel; it’s strongly believed Margot Robbie will return as Harley Quinn in the film, given the standalone film she’s currently filming.

It’s not known if Jared Leto will reprise his role as The Joker yet, while the remainder of the cast has yet to officially sign on for the sequel.

James Gunn, who was infamously booted from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 by Disney officials over historic social media posts, has been tapped to write and direct the sequel.

A role in Suicide Squad 2 would add to an already stacked upcoming slate for Elba, who has roles in a raft of upcoming projects including Avengers: Infinity WarHobbs & Shaw, and Cats. He’s also set to host this coming weekend’s edition of Saturday Night Live.

Can’t stress it enough: Old mate has a lot on.