The Kid From ‘Young Sheldon’ Is Sad He Didn’t Get Arrested At This Week’s Climate Rally

Iain Armitage

The weekly climate change rallies in Washington D.C. continue to make headlines around the world, and the MVP of this week’s protest is Iain Armitage, aka the kid from Young Sheldon, who it turns out is a bit of a hard nut.

Armitage joined actress Jane Fonda, who has become the face of the weekly Fire Drill Fridays rallies, at the podium. Each week’s protest has a different, specific theme, and this week’s was food justice. The event saw 38 people arrested, but Armitage was not amongst them.

Washington Post reporter Hannah Jewell approached the young actor after the event and commented that he had not been arrested alongside the others. “Unfortunately not, I’m too young,” he said, while rolling his eyes. Amazing. You can see the exchange below:

Jane Fonda and Iain Armitage protested alongside Jim Goodman of the National Family Farm Commission, who spoke on the topic of food justice. He said:

“It’s time for an agriculture that protects and restores the biodiversity of our land and the oceans; an agriculture that promotes organic farming, based on healthy soil, healthy food, and healthy people; an agriculture that respects the rights of farmers, farmworkers, and of nature.”

Last week’s rally saw Manny Jacinto of The Good Place protesting alongside Fonda.