So Jane Fonda Actually Went To Jail For Climate Protesting & I Love That For Her

jane fonda jail

In her 81 years on this planet, Jane Fonda has protested pretty much everything imaginable. But the Oscar-winning actress is really upping the ante when it comes to climate change.

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Fonda spent a night in a Washington jail after her fourth arrest in four weeks. Alongside 40 other protesters, Jane was arrested in the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C.

“This time, I may be detained overnight and that’s fine for one night, big deal!”

This was her first night spent in jail as a result of her ongoing Fire Drill Fridays demonstrations. She has previously stated that she plans on getting arrested every Friday as part of her efforts to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Honestly, recapping Jane Fonda’s weekly arrests is the highlight of my week. I simply cannot help but stan this 81-year-old icon dedicating herself to the climate change cause full-time. She literally moved to Washington to truly commit to the cause. I love that for her.

Ira Arlook, a spokesperson for Fire Drill Fridays, has confirmed that Fonda was the only one of the 40 protesters arrested to spend the night in jail. According to 10Daily, she appeared in court on Saturday afternoon and was released at around 1pm.

Considering she has a net worth of roughly $200 million, Jane Fonda could literally buy an island somewhere and pretend climate change doesn’t exist or just throw some money at the cause. But instead, the 81-year-old legend is getting arrested every single week to prove her damn point.

“There are many ways to fight. But I’m inspired by Greta Thunberg and the young student strikers all over the world,” she said, according to SBS.

“I’m a celebrity. So this is a way to use my celebrity to get the message out that we face a crisis that could determine whether or not our children and grandchildren have a future that’s even habitable.”

Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Jane Fonda Gets Arrested. She’s confirmed she’ll be back every week until mid-January, when she’s expected to return to Hollywood to commence filming for Grace & Frankie.