Today the extremely popular South Korean singing competition show, King of Masked Singer had a guest rock up and sing Tomorrow – the one from Annie and well – the voice is rather familiar…

…A voice belonging to a certain someone currently off gallivanting across the world for a certain film promo tour which is super duper cool cool.

The gist of this frankly brilliant show is like a celebrity version of The Voice. Celebs face each other wearing elaborately fabulous costumes and masks so the audience and judging panel are not influenced by fame and looks and whatnot. In other words, the masks means the best voice will win.

Then the celebs take part in a sing off and whoever wins advances to the next round. Whoever loses is eliminated and only then can their identity be revealed to the audience and judging panel.

So then as part of this special one-off performance, this random dude takes to the stage in a unicorn mask and glittery cape and starts beautifully singing. And mates, you’ll recognise his voice in a hot second and then you’ll piss yourself laughing.


Now prepare yourself for the reveal because it’s bloody awesome:

My favourite part in all of this have to be the hosts and judging panel trying to figure out who’s singing and turning to each other thinking, “Damn, his English is bloody good.”

Ryan ‘Deadpool’ Reynolds strikes again in the most fucking epic way possible. If there’s ever a Deadpool 3 of any kind, this must be included. MUST.

The episode aired earlier today and was immediately uploaded to MBCentertainment‘s Youtube because the whole world needs to see it right now.

Ashes was great and all but Ryan actually singing live, c’mon, the man can do anything.

The wait is almost over, Deadpool 2 will finally hit cinemas May 18. 

You can grab your tickets HERE.

Image: MBCentertainment