Here’s Your 1st Look At Ep 2 Of ‘Seven Year Switch’, TV’s Saddest 60 Mins

Channel Seven last night lifted the lid on its latest creation, radical experiential dating show ‘Seven Year Switch’, and Aussie audiences ate that shit-show right up.

Putting paid to the theory that car-crash TV is a complete cashcow, the reality show – in which four flailing couples pull a partner-swap in an attempt to save their relationship, sharing spas / beds with people other than their partner – attracted 1,304,000 viewers.
The whopping number includes 858,000 viewers in the all-important metro areas of the country, making it the 7th most-watched program of the night.
If you didn’t tune in, it was 60 mins of awful awkwardness as it became glaringly obvious that these poor people’s souls are on the verge of being totally crushed.
Some of the saddest one-liners of during Ep 1:
– “Every time we used to fight, Brad would take my ring off me.” – Tallena.
– “It’s the smallest things to me that matter the most… if you just came over and kissed me for no reason whatsoever, that would mean so much to me.” – Jason.
– “He’s only ever said ‘I love you’ in a text message once in three-and-a-half years. I took a screenshot of it and kept it.” – Jackie.
With the backstories of each couple laid out in Ep 1, Ep 2 is where we get to see the experimental ‘marriages’ get underway.
As you’ll see in the sneak peek below, for some there’s an instant, confusing connection and for others it’s as fkn awkward as you’d imagine.
Check it out:

Switch-Trailer from PEDESTRIAN.TV on Vimeo.

Ep 2 of ‘Seven Year Switch’ airs on Channel 7 at 9pm on Tuesday. 
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