Here’s Some Wild Stories About What Made Your School Cancel Muck-Up Day Forever

Muck-Up Day was meant to be a right of passage for all Aussie Year 12s, except in most schools the prank day is cancelled. Why? Well, because some year along the way pulled a prank so heinous, it led to the principal screaming “NEVER AGAIN” loudly, for eternity.

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In case you’re not familiar/your state uses some ridiculous terminology, Muck-Up Day is usually the last Friday of term 3, when students (only the Year 12s, who are leaving) get to go fucking mental with pranks and terrorise the rest of the school/teachers/passers by.

Pranks range from the innocent (everyone wear pink to school! put chocolate sauce in the soap dispensers! bubble bath in the fountain!) to the questionable-yet-forgivable (lock everyone out for hours! move all the chairs outside!). Then, there’s the pranks that go too far, according to the (boring) teachers. Once one of these pranks is pulled, it’s over. No more Muck-Up Day, ever again.

We asked a bunch of folks for the story – be it something they themselves experienced, or an urban legend – of the Muck-Up Day prank so bad, it got the whole event cancelled for all students in the years to come.

“I heard a story that the rowers at my school put a live shark in the trailer that was used for rowing boats.” – Alisha

“The year 12s put the principals car for sale on gum tree and also Burnt “ride me Edith” (the principals name) into the grass oval with bleach.” – Laura

“Pretty sure ours was when the group sprayed weed killer on the bottom oval in the shape of a giant dick (not being able to grow much grass on that oval was a real sore point for our school too).” – Danielle

“The year 12s stole a live cow from a farm and put it on the second level of the English block. Cows can walk up, but not down stairs, apparently. They also wrote offensive things about teachers on their doors including “Go home hoe” on the door of teacher who’s house had just burnt down and various other racist, fat shaming remarks about others. Barely any teachers went down to the farewell assembly that morning. I heard a rumour about charges being laid against some students.” – Mel

“The year 12’s kidnapped the principal’s son (a year older than us at the time, I was in year 8) and put him in a bin, wearing only his undies and tied up with rope. They then rolled him out on stage, letting him jump out covered in lipstick kisses. There was also dancing around onstage in their school skirts and bras.” – Lauren

“My dad’s year apparently drove a teacher’s car in the school pool.”- James

“My sister’s year did the classic “draw a dick on the oval with weed killer” and got muck up day banned for the rest of us.” – Lav

“The year 12s in my school literally just put honey on all the school railings and the teachers were like righto pack it in too extreme for us.” – Leah

“At my school they painted a giant dick on the oval in weed killer so they couldn’t get rid of it. when you looked at our school on google earth you could see it there for months.” – Queenie

“A few seniors at my school cable tied all the office doors closed with students, teachers and parents in there, and then proceeded to tie all the year 7s backpacks together in the quad.” – Sof

“Apparently the year 12’s at my school let 4 pigs loose in the school and labelled them 1, 2, 3, and 5 so the teachers would think there was always one missing when they thought they caught them all.” – Georgia

“Ours got canned after the year 12s handed out fake mufti day notes and the entire school came in mufti. The principal made anyone who didn’t come in uniform write a one-page note on why they decided to do it. It was bullshit.” – Matt

“My school rigged the loudspeaker to play Duck Sauce’s Barbra Streisand on repeat and somehow got all the furniture from the demountables and put them on the roof, exactly in position above where they were inside.” – Steph

“The Year 12s used industrial-grade tape to stick a bunch of year 7s to poles. Some of them were there for hours .”- James

“We had the year twelves put glad wrap over all the toilet bowls throughout the school. Also, for some reason the girls thought it was funny to write POO really big in the ladies toilets, in brown paint… or poo?” – Georgia

“This.” – James

That notorious Bondi rampage post-Muck-Up Day was my brother’s year. The cops raided the school the following day and arrested people.” – Will

“One of the years before I was at school put styrofoam balls (like the ones you put in a beanbag) in another school’s pond, killing all the fish.” – Kathleen

“One of the teachers owned a Volkswagen Beetle – some how the Year 12s managed to get it up this flight of stairs into an area that would you wouldn’t be able to get it out of by driving.” – Joe

“A student broke into the janitor’s room and turned off the water right before lunchtime, so students and teachers only noticed once everyone had gone to the toilet.” – Albert

“A pig’s head was cut off and stuck on the entry gate.” – Rachel

“I think they killed it after a couple of kids from my school broke in to another school and smashed all the windows and stole their vending machines.” – Will

“When I was in year 7, the year 12 girls put a dead pig in the hall.” – Vanna

Finally, this one – which did not get Muck-Up Day banned but is simply a fantastic prank, from a P.TV reader:

“Muck-Up Day was already banned by the time I got to my school so I had to go subtle with my prank. I had heard that bamboo and pumpkin plants grew super quickly and were difficult to control (bamboo can grow as fast as an inch an hour apparently!) so I planted seeds around the school chapel and threw some in the gutters on the roof. Over the last semester at school the bamboo kept popping up everywhere causing little to mild inconvenience for the grounds keeping team. A freakin hooligan I was!” – James