Relive Being A Ratbag Teen With These Tales Of Cooked Muck-Up Day Pranks

So it’s been almost ten years since I officially finished school – I KNOW – and it got me thinking this morning about all the ridiculous shit we as 17/18-year-olds got up to on the annual ‘Muck-Up Day‘.

If you don’t know what in fresh hell I’m on about, firstly I am so sorry that you missed out on this crucial rite of passage and secondly, welcome to how batshit wild high school was in Australia in the late 00’s. Beats me how nobody managed to get either seriously injured or arrested.

The premise of Muck-Up Day was as follows: last day of school before the HSC/final exams for year 12 is a total write-off, usually preceded by breakfast beers and/or champagne, bastardised versions of our school uniform and/or costume dress-ups, absolutely no classes whatsoever, and the entire graduating grade goes hog-wild for a day. Definitely pranks involved.

My high-school down the south coast of NSW (g’day Ulladulla High) tried their hardest to discourage muck up; threatening us with “no year 12 formal” or “being uninvited from graduation” if we participated in any hijinks. Did that stop people from sneaking into the school grounds overnight to find an unlocked classroom and drag all of the furniture out, only to recreate the classroom on the roof of the music building? No, sir, it did not.

So the call went out – what did other schools do for their muck-up? Or was there a high school urban legend about something so heinous happening in years gone by that muck up was unequivocally banned for all years to come?

And folks, boy did the Internet deliver.

From things like entire cars being wrapped in plastic, to glitter on the tops of ceiling fans in the thick of summer, to pigs heads being left on teachers’ cars – kids went fuckin’ WILD.

Some people genuinely want to watch the world burn, hey.

Ok, this is absolute genius. Can you even imagine everyone being so utterly confused by this detour?

(I used to do this in a tiled room in my house as a kid and I can confirm, it’s pure chaos.)


Ahh, yes. I believe the “take a cow upstairs cos they can’t get back down” allegedly happened in every school. A true classic.

Surely there’s got to be a moment in every teacher’s career where they all sit back with a beer and think “fuck me these kids are much more resourceful than we give ’em credit for.”

But, my friends and esteemed colleagues in everything ratbag-related, this one takes the cake

I can only hope that someone haggled the school down from whatever price they listed them as.