Sydney Private School PLC ‘Horrified’ At Muck-Up Day Scav Hunt Which Involves Drinking Splooge

Leaked screenshots of a purported muck-up day “scavenger hunt” at Sydney’s elite Pymble Ladies’ College (PLC) show that students dared each other to “drink cum out of a used condom” and “meet up with someone on Grindr,” among other things.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has obtained screenshots of a Google Doc allegedly used by Year 12 students at the North Shore private school, with points being earned based on how extreme or sexual each dare is.

“Have sex in a public bathroom – must have cum on face,” was included as one of the mid-tier tasks. Other dares include having sex with everyone from “a stranger,” to “someone’s brother” and even “someone’s dad.”

(Supplied to PEDESTRIAN.TV)

The scavenger hunt would see students divided into teams with matching costumes, but it’s unclear if the challenge ultimately went ahead last week.

Some dares even involved people from other schools, such as one in which a “blindfolded boyfriend” had to “guess whose tits are [whose] for everyone in the team.”

Other, less sexual dares included “swallow a fish”, “eat someone else’s vomit”, and “get arrested”.

A few were fairly tame, like making a viral TikTok or getting a bob haircut.

However, one dare encouraged girls to “butt chug” something, with a caveat being that the “drink has to go down and stay down.”

The final dare, rated as “God tier,” was to “get with” one specific former prefect at a nearby all-boys private school. “Bonus 200 [points] if you smash,” the dare added.

(Supplied to PEDESTRIAN.TV)

In a statement to 7NEWS, a spokesperson for PLC said students had been “advised of the consequences” of going ahead with the muck-up day prank.

“We are horrified and disappointed that any student would have their name associated with what was apparently a competitive list between students at a number of schools,” they added.

PLC did not return multiple requests for further comment to P.TV in time for publication.

Last week a similar muck-up day challenge at the Shore School, also on Sydney’s North Shore, was revealed to contain dares such as to “spit on a homeless man” and to have sex with a woman who weighs over 80kg.

The whole final week of Year 12 at private schools has reignited the debate about the culture fostered at Australia’s most elite schools, and particularly how members of the general public are viewed and treated by students.

Just today, the Sydney Morning Herald published an editorial reminding us that teenagers’ brains are still a “work-in progress”. Combine this with toxic culture of some schools, and the internet, which makes mistakes permanent, and this is where we end up.

Judging from what we’ve seen so far, these two were likely not the only muck-up day pranks to go way too far.