There’s A Terrible Sequel To That Terrible Harry & Meghan Lifetime Movie On The Way

Is there anything more indulgent, more disgustingly self-care, than sitting down with a hot choccy, some Tim Tams, and a shithouse Lifetime movie about the royals? No, there is not. And now we have another to look forward to – the Prince Harry & Meghan Markle sequel Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal

[jwplayer IVC6JuNs]

Yes, that terrible film that loosely – and I mean loosely – followed the courtship of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle has a sequel coming to Australian TV sets nation-wide, thanks to Channel 7 picking up the rights. And it sounds quite literally AWFUL AND AMAZING I CAN’T WAIT.

The new film continues the love story of newlyweds Prince Harry (Charlie Field, Genius) and American actress Meghan Markle (Tiffany Smith, Supernatural), pulling back the curtain to reveal the untold joys and challenges of life inside the Royal Family during their pivotal first year of marriage. Beyond blending their families and cultures, Harry and Meghan’s core values are put to the test as they try to find the balance between honouring Royal tradition and staying true to their beliefs.

Here’s a thing – I don’t think we need to know the film credentials of these actors but here we are. Here’s another thing – I feel like Harry & Meghan’s private life is probably really boring and involves them drinking tea and discussing boring baby shit like what to do with the placenta or whatever. But in this film I’m sure there’ll be some concocted drama! Maybe Meghan will feel claustrophobic amidst all the strict royal rules! Maybe she will start a baby blog to allow her underused creativity to flourish! Yes I am pasting the plot of A Christmas Prince on top of this film!

Anyway Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal premieres on May 27 in the US, and will be shown on Channel 7 – although we’re yet to find out the date. Can’t fucking wait, you guys. I’ve got the bulk double-coated Tim Tams at the ready.