‘Gruen’ Is Officially Returning To Screens Soon So Clear Yr Wednesdays

Clear your Wednesday night schedules, folks. The band is getting back together.

The future of the show always seems to be up in the air whenever a season finishes, but at least for this year it looks a certainty: Gruen will be returning for another stint at the wheel.

The hugely popular series confirmed its return to the ABC at an undisclosed time late last night, with the show’s social channels updating their profile images to indicate an imminent return.

The series regularly pulls in over a million viewers for Aunty, all watching as the on-screen panel dissects and skewers the wonderful world of advertising.

The series, which has been running in one form or another since 2008, does not have a definitive timeline for its return yet – or, at least, not one that’s been released to the public.

While it’s not officially confirmed, tags made by both the Gruen and ABC Twitter accounts suggest that the show’s core of Wil AndersonTodd SamsonRussell Howcroft, and Dee Madigan will all return for the new series.

The show’s previous series finale went to air in early October last year.