Gruen Transfer Unveils PR-Centric Spinoff, Gruen Planet

Team Gruen have announced plans for a PR-centric spinoff called Gruen Planet, the show’s second spinoff after four part election series Gruen Nation. Details are scant at the moment but expect a “look at the news of the week through the prism of spin, branding and image control. We can’t tell you much about it yet, because … well, because it’s still a secret. Mostly.”

Should be interesting. Season four of The Gruen Transfer premieres August 3 on ABC1 with ad men and regular panelists Russel Howcroft and Todd Sampson and returning host Wil Anderson. This year’s season will focus on “crazy mining ads, Big Tobacco campaigns, gambling messages invading every sport program on TV, the social media monster of Vodafail, NAB pretending it has no friends…” and also include recurring segment The Pitch and a season long search for the worst product of all time.

The Gruen Transfer averaged 1.4 million viewers last year and also took out the 2010 AFI for Best Light Entertainment program.