The Triumphant Return Of ‘Gruen’ Featured Ads Selling Gun Control To The US

Gruen‘ made its triumphant return to our TV screens last night, with the ABC‘s behemoth (arguably one of the most inexplicably popular shows in Australian TV history) immediately reasserting its position as a ratings juggernaut.

The show dragged in a commanding audience of 954,000 viewers, meaning not only was it the most-watched show on the ABC for the evening, it even beat out fancied rivals on other networks like ‘The Bachelor.’ Yes, more people watched Gruen than The Bachelor last night. Wonders: They never cease.
Along with the return of Wil Anderson‘s wildly entertaining show about advertising came the series’ ever-popular segment “The Pitch,” in which two rival ad companies are given a brief to sell an “unsellable” product.
Whereas in the past these products have been wildly out-of-the-question like whale meat or tourism in Baghdad, last night’s one might have been the most unsellable of all: “Gun control in the United States.”

Ad companies Rumble and Marmalade offered up some kind-of genius takes to get the issue over in the country that outright refuses to use its own common sense.
Marmalade proposed tapping into American’s sense of patriotic duty with a buyback scheme that would see people voluntarily hand in their guns, which would then be melted down and made into statues honouring fallen troops.

Meanwhile Rumble took a more political slant, proposing a crowdfunding campaign to take on the almighty NRA at their own financial game by declaring “Senators for Sale.”

‘Course neither of these would be likely to enact any serious shift in attitude in the US were they to air over there; the country, at this point, is simply too entrenched in their own warped sense of “liberty,” and it’d take a group of politicians willing to sacrifice their careers to get anything meaningful done (which is about as likely as the earth reversing its rotation tomorrow).
But still, it’s a damned good effort. A damned good effort indeed.
Welcome back, Gruen.

Source: Gruen/Facebook.