Gigi & Bella’s Life-Giver Yolanda Hadid Lands New Reality Show ‘Model Moms’

Some of us (well, probs just me) were interested to see what Yolanda Hadid‘s next move would be after saying “ciao, bitches” to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Although being a bit ‘eh’ at times, I shan’t deny that I was reasonably devo the whispered rumours of her joining the NYC iteration of the show were recently squashed. 

Well, fret not enjoyers of fabulously trashy TV: Yolanda is set to lead a new Lifetime reality series where aspiring models and their momagers learn the ins and outs of the modelling game, tentatively titled ‘Model Mums‘.
Given that noted attractive humans Gigi, Bella and Anwar are all the fruit of her loins – and the fact that she was a hugely successful model in her own right back in the day – her inclusion in the show seems like a no-brainer. Y’know, if the Milano fits and all that jazz. 

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The undeniably banging 53-year-old will mentor teen models itching for a career of staring expressionless down the lens of a camera to success. Over eight weeks, Yolanda and her crew will put these good looking humans, as well as their respective momagers, through their paces – testing ‘em to see if they’ll be able to hold up in the skinny-bitch-eat-skinny-bitch world of fashion. The winner will score a contract with Hadid’s business, and could even land reppin’ from IMG
Given the saturation of shows like this currently in market, who knows how it’ll be received. Then again, if it’s a flop I doubt Yolanda will lose much sleep over it – her estimated fortune of $45mil is a somewhat decent safety net.
Source: Page Six.
Photo: Michael Stewart / Getty.