New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Teaser Drops Strong Hints About Jon Snow Fan Theory

Oh here we go: it looks like Jon Snow might actually be riding a dragon.

The latest teaser from ‘Game of Thrones‘, ahead of today’s episode ‘Eastwatch‘, shows Jon come face-to-face with Dany‘s #1 dragon Drogon. We already knew they’d be meeting from the first teaser…

…but this new one shows just how goddamn close they’re coming.

The official ‘Game of Thrones’ Twitter account sent this one out hours before the episode airs, meaning we’re either going to delve into ‘Jon being a dragon-rider’ plots this episode, or it’s a red herring to make us extra excited for it. (Err… job well done.)

If you haven’t heard of the ‘three heads of the dragon’ theory before now, it basically refers to a prophecy witnessed by Dany in the House of the Undying, where she saw her brother, Rhaeger Targaryen, state that the “dragon has three heads”. Now that Jon Snow is a confirmed Targaryen, it’s widely believed that he will be one of the three heads, with the third possibly being Tyrion Lannister (who it’s theorised may well be another Targaryen thanks to an illicit affair between his mother Joanna Lannister and Aerys II Targaryen, a.k.a. the Mad King).

The teaser hints that Jon and Drogon have some kind of affinity – or, he’s about to be chomped down like a tic tac. Either way, we’ll find out in t-minus however many hours until your ‘Game of Thrones’ viewing party.