Everything We Know / Can Guess From The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ep 5 Trailer

As always, ‘Game of Thrones‘ plays its preview for the upcoming week’s episode immediately after the show, but as always, we know a fair whack of you lot watch the thing via non-Foxtel means.

Besides, even if you did watch it through the proper channels, the last 15 minutes or so of ‘The Spoils of War‘ was so intense you might not have had time to even process what’s coming next. Not after you literally just saw the Lannister army burnt to a crisp and Jaime sinking rapidly to the bottom of a suspiciously deep river.

So, next week. The episode is called ‘Eastwatch‘, and looks like it’ll be dealing with the aftermath of that fire-and-bloodbath.

“I’m not here to murder,” Daenerys tells the remaining Lannister army. “Bend the knee and join me… or refuse and die.”

The camera lingers on Tyrion Lannister just a little too long on those last words. We all know things didn’t end well with him and Daenerys last episode, and he has just witnessed the full destructive power of dragons against his own brother’s men (not to mention Jaime’s maybe death), but is this foreshadowing a Tyrion betrayal?

Cut to Varys advising Tyrion: “You need to find a way to make her listen.”  Tyrion drinks away his sorrows.

He notably still wears the Hand of the Queen, so he hasn’t been kicked that far out of the inner sanctum – yet.

Then Cersei: “Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it.” Dragons, mainly. Yeah yeah Cersei, you’ve talked this talk before.

As she’s talking, we get a quick shot of one of the dragons – Drogon? I can’t tell them apart – roaring at Jon, with Dany on his back.

Super intriguing shot here. Possibilities: Dany is simply returning from battle and lands directly in front of Jon; Dany is showing him who the fuck is boss and forcing him to bend the knee; we’re going to see some kind of affinity between Jon and the dragon that hints at his Targaryen heritage; all or none of the above.

We have a quick shot of Winterfell, but then it’s back to Jon in the war room at Dragonstone.

Bran saw the Night King and his army marching towards Eastwatch,” he says, as shots of Bran warging and the dead army marching flash on screen.

“Bad things are coming,” says Davos, and then BOOM. We get a shot of the army of the dead.

I guess what I’m asking is: is ‘Eastwatch‘ going to be another Hardhome battle between the living and the dead?

Eastwatch-by-the-Sea is an outpost of the Night’s Watch that, as its name suggests, is literally by the sea. It’s also where fans reckon the White Walkers are going to walk around the Wall because the sea is literally freezing over.

Credit: RohitMSasi / Reddit.

It’s been mentioned throughout the series, but we’ve never actually seen the outpost. Looks like that might all be about to change next week.

Could we be seeing a battle to top even that hellfire pit reined upon the Lannisters? We know ‘Game of Thrones’ doesn’t need a lot of time to get into a battle real, real fast; last night’s came out of nowhere.

And acccording to the list of credited actors, Richard Dormer is coming back, which means this might FINALLY be the moment we get that shot of Beric Dondarrion weilding a flaming sword.

And there’s another character returning.

You sure you want to know who it is?

Absolutely sure?




It’s Gendry.

Missed you boo.