WATCH: Real Peter Dinklage, Very Fake Dragons Do ‘Game Of Thrones’ On ‘SNL’

Good Lord is Peter Dinklage a talented actor. Obviously there’s his award-hoarding turn as Tyrion Lannister in Game Of Thrones – maybe you’ve caught an episode or twenty – but tonight on Saturday Night Live, old mate chucked it up a notch by playing Peter Dinklage, playing Tyrion Lannister. 

It’s some Being John Malkovich shit, for sure, but that subtle masterclass is overwhelmed by the presence of a totally-not-fake, HBO-knows-what-they’re-doing VFX dragon.

Oddly enough, by sending up the series’ phenomenal production value, Saturday Night Live has somehow managed to show off their own… again. If it wasn’t so obviously hammy, you’d be forgiven for assuming the dragon-less flashes of greenscreen sets were the real deal. Good job, gang.

Anyway, the new series kicks off extremely soon, but you can null over this silliness for the time being. Watch:

[Editor’s Note: Video has since been deleted]