Peter Dinklage Inadvertently Dropped A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler

If there’s one goddamn question that Game Of Thrones actors are well and truly sick of being asked at this point, it’s the one about if and when their characters will be gruesomely killed off from the show.
At the red carpet premiere of the show’s fifth season overnight, a reporter put a slightly different spin on that old chestnut, asking actor Peter Dinklage the question he’d most like to ask Thrones author George R.R. Martin.
After the longest pause in red carpet history, during which Dinklage took some time out to wave to a friend, he answered “will I die?”
While this is a question that most human beings ask ourselves at some point in our lives, the answer inevitably being “yes”, for Dinklage, it’s more pressing, thanks to the frequency with which people are bumped off in Westeros.
We were previously told that “nobody is safe” in Thrones season five, even important, beloved characters, but Dinklage basically just confirmed Tyrion Lannister is not among these characters.
So the good news is, we get a whole season of Tyrion’s sick burns and erotic adventures to enjoy, and the bad news is … actually, there is no bad news in this situation. Tyrion forever.

Photo: Ethan Miller via Getty Images