Jon Snow Still Knows Nothing In New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Teaser Footage

HBO are continuing their run of sending fans into cardiac arrest over the upcoming forth season of Game of Thrones by releasing a teaser on Instagram.

In a moment of tease-ception, the teaser released on Instagram is actually a teaser for another teaser that is going to be teased on Sunday night (PST). It would be almost as ridiculous as watching a commercial for a Super Bowl commercial if it wasn’t Game of Thrones.

But it is Game of Thrones. So it’s not crazy. Nothing related to Game of Thrones can be called crazy. Dressing up like your favourite character before the season premiere? Not crazy. Taking a day off work to console yourself that you will have to wait another week for the next episode? Not crazy at all.

You can watch a trailer for Game of Thrones season four here.