An Artist Put On A Fake Fyre Festival In LA, Complete With Cheese Sangas

Fyre Festival

The ill-fated Fyre Festival offered punters the chance to hang out in a Caribbean paradise and rub shoulders with models and influencers, and while that didn’t exactly work out, installation artist Matty Mo recently had the ingenious idea of recreating the festival on a much, much lower budget.

Mo, otherwise known as The Most Famous Artist, threw the Fyre Experience this week in an empty shopfront in Los Angeles. His installation was designed to mirror the real Fyre Festival as much as possible, for those who missed out on the fun – which was everyone, come to think of it.

The artwork, which was free to the public, stayed true to Fyre by offering an “ultra luxurious” experience complete with dubious VIP packages, cheese sandwiches in styrofoam containers, a fake beachfront complete with pigs and a cutout of Bella Hadid, and a fake private jet.

There was even a pool full of Evian water, where punters could have their photo taken and share it to Instagram to create the illusion of a high-end festival experience:

The pop-up was due to run until Friday, at which point, in true Fyre Festival form, the organisers announced that they’d be cancelling the event and skipping the country.

Speaking to Business Insider, creator Matty Mo said that he was inspired, in part, by recent documentaries on the festival, adding:

“This is a satire and experience meant to drive offline to online engagement. We call this participatory art. I created the project to ride a cultural wave created by Netflix and Hulu. I hope to show that participatory art is the future of retail.”

Meanwhile, Fyre Festival producer Andy King recently sat down with Netflix to discuss his new-found viral fame, saying he was “completely blown away” by the response to the documentary and the avalanche of memes that followed.