Fun-Loving Model Who Only Got 14 Likes Rants Again, Says Fun A Lot

Yesterday, we got a taste of Cassi Van Den Dungen‘s wrath, when a photo she posted to Instagram only got 14 likes.

The former Australia’s Next Top Model runner-up – who was not known for being the chillest of gals on the show – posted a screenshot of the offending photo to Instagram yesterday, along with a blistering rant to her fun-hating followers. 


After some pretty wide-spread coverage of her social media shut-down (which PEDESTRIAN.TV not only took part in, but rode the pony round the merry-go-round till we puked), Cassi has followed up with another message to all you fun sponges who can’t take a fucking joke.

Warning: the word “fun” is used a liberal 14 times.

Ok ok ok. Looks like my post this morning has gone too far now…… To get things straight and to quote myself it…

Posted by Cassi van den Dungen Fan Page on Tuesday, 10 November 2015

We interrupt your regularly scheduled keyboard-bashing to bring you this PSA:
don’t be that guy girl total dickwad who tells someone you know / don’t know to kill themselves. That’s neckbeard behaviour right there.

And now that our ~ bit for humanity ~ is done, CASSI CAN WE GET YOU SOME CHILL? SOME CHILL OVER HERE PLEASE? Thank you.