‘Frontline’ And ‘The Hollowmen’ Team Developing New Political Satire For ABC

The team who had us ROFLing before it was even a term with current affairs satire (and now high-school syllabus material) Frontline in the 90’s have revealed that they are working on an eight-part political satire TV series to air on the ABC next year, called Utopia.

The show is being developed by Working Dog,  the troupe which includes Australian comedic royalty Santo Cilauro, Rob Sitch, Jane Kennedy and Tom Gleisner. The team started out in sketch comedy with the D-Generation and The Late Show, going on to develop TV shows like Frontline, political comedy The Hollowmen, chat show The Panel and improv-comedy Thank God You’re Here, as well as feature films The Castle and The Dish. Working Dog principal Michael Hirsh told Fairfax “We are all nation building,” and that Utopia will tackle “the un-costed grand dreams and white elephants that have become the new political currency”.

The announcement comes as the all-too-real election campaign Australia is currently experiencing descends further and further into farce territory with every passing day. Forget Tony and Kevin, Mike Moore would make an excellent Prime Minister.

Via smh.com.au