The Betoota Advocate Is Working On Its Very Own TV Show And No, This Ain’t Satire

Two men who run The Betoota Advocate in the desert, one one the right with a burning newspaper

Australia’s oldest newspaper, The Betoota Advocate, is set to create Australia’s newest television show.

The TV show is being produced by Warner Bros International Television Production Australia or its even less easy to pronounce acronym – WBITVP.

WBITVP’s managing director, Michael Brooks made the following remarks regarding the announcement:

“With its distinct, bitingly satirical and smart approach to content, The Betoota Advocate has won a huge following.

“Meanwhile, Warner Bros. – with its storied TV production experience and international reach – is perfectly positioned to elevate this voice, and we’ll work together to develop premium unscripted television series with local and global appeal.”

The TV show appears to be in safe hands, with the production company’s past productions featuring a list of shows which I personally have sunk about 43959 hours into over my lifetime.

These include faves that you’ve definitely heard of like The Bachelor, The Masked Singer, Celebrity Apprentice, Selling Houses Australia, The Repair Shop, Dancing with the Stars, First Dates, Who Do You Think You Are? 

“Ever since we started, the pitch we always get is ‘hey, do a sketch comedy show or do a weekly panel show’,” Antony Stockdale, director of Diamantina Media (the team responsible for Betoota) told The Guardian. 

Stockdale then went on to give a bit of insight into the nature of the TV show, and how it won’t be anything like satirical predecessor The Chaser.

“I don’t think we’re in the same box as people like the Chaser, we wanted to do something different,” he said.

“We don’t do stunts. We don’t try and gotcha people.”

Stockdale did however give some insight into the type of questions the TV show would be asking, albeit with a degree of vagueness.

“And it’s also just what is Australia. What ties us together what sets us apart? We are 25 million people, 120 religions, 1800 towns and one Big Banana,” he continued. 

I guess he’s right. Despite our differences, at the end of the day we truly are just one Big Banana.